Ladies of Harley (LOH)

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is a subgroup of the Harley Owner’s Group (H.O.G.) and is for the ladies of HOG. If you are a national associate or full member, checked the box to join LOH, and belong to a local chapter you are already a Lady of Harley. Whether you ride your own or behind someone, you can enjoy the experiences of LOH.


The Ladies of Harley goal is to provide an opportunity, aside from the HOG meeting night, for the women in our group to get better acquainted. We all have busy lives, and have lots of things in common besides a motorcycle in the garage. Meetings for 2024 have been suspended pending one of our ladies steps up to fill Laurie Reifsnyder’s shoes who has been doing it off and on for several years.  She is ready to pass it on to someone else now.   You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to participate, you just need to be a National HOG member/LOH. How do you know if you are a Lady of Harley? Ladies, you or your spouse own a Harley, are a member of both National HOG and local SM HOG, the driver or the passenger, then you are a Lady of Harley. We will plan optional events. This will give you additional rides to consider, and help you find a comfortable riding group that is just your speed.