Meeting Information

Beginning in January 2024 our General membership meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of every month @ 10:00 am at:

(Unless specified differently on the Rides and Events page)

Santa Maria Harley-Davidson
2022 Preisker Lane
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Come Join Us.

NOTE:  Our September Meeting is our Member Appreciation Meeting that is NOT normally held at the dealership.  Please contact one of our officers for details if you intend on attending our September General Membership Meeting.

For website information/questions please contact us.

Alcohol / Drug Policy: H.O.G. rides are alcohol as well as prescription (those that could impair one’s abilities), recreational, or illegal drug free. The Ride Leader / Road Captain will designate the destination / termination point of the ride at which point riders are free to make their own personal choice on the consumption of alcohol, prescription, recreational, or illegal drugs but will be asked NOT to ride back with other riders who have not made the choice of consuming alcohol or taking drugs. This includes a passenger.  This is for the safety of those riders who do not consume alcohol or take prescription / illegal drugs. The Chapter cannot pay for liability insurance for each ride so it will not be tolerated. Additionally, it will not be tolerated by our sponsoring Harley-Davidson dealer, or Harley-Davidson.  This policy applies to both riders and passengers.

Inappropriate Language and Behavior:  Some people use profanity and dirty words freely. Some people use foul language when their emotions run high. Other people think they are just being funny.  However, there is no excuse for obscene or sexual language, ethical jokes or slurs, or personal attacks using foul language. This includes not only the spoken word but also any photos and written material.  Chapter members should not be forced to endure dirty words or sexual talk that makes them uncomfortable.  Inappropriate patches shall not be worn or displayed on a members clothing at any time as a Chapter member.  There is no place for this type of language or behavior, and it will not be tolerated in the Santa Maria Harley Owners Group and could be grounds for termination of membership with the Chapter. If the Chapter Manager determines that a member’s conduct is undesirable or contrary to the sponsoring Dealer’s standards or vision the membership may be revoked per National H.O.G. Chapter Charter guidance.  This applies to both rider and passenger.