New Members

How to join the Santa Maria H.O.G. Chapter

Step #1

Make sure you are a member of National H.O.G.

Step #2

Download the Chapter Membership Enrollment Form And Release and fill it out completely with no stray marks on the form.  If you have to correct something then line through it and place your initials next to the correction.  This release form is considered a ‘Legal Document’ with National H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson.

Chapter Membership Enrollment Form And Release

Membership is currently $12 a year per member. Our year goes from June through December this year.  We are changing to align with the Harley business model and dues will be $24 starting in January through December of 2024. Dues are nonrefundable and we do not prorate dues for new members.

As a reminder, per National H.O.G. and the National Chapter Handbook on page 4, under Local Chapter Membership it states in the last line of the paragraph, “An expired National membership automatically terminates local chapter membership and any associated memberships.”  Please pay attention to your renewal notice when you receive it from National H.O.G. and don’t get caught with your chaps down!

Step #3

Complete the New Member Profile Form and send it along with your Membership Form or bring both to the next General Membership Meeting.

Step #4

Make your check out to: Santa Maria HOG #1403 and send your completed form with your check to:

Robert Thompson
SMHOG Membership Officer
4172 Glenview Drive
Orcutt, CA 93455

If you have any questions please Contact Us